New Year Camp

(When there's no school, you can always count on us!)

Phone Now to Register: 917-318-9499

February 19 -23
Big Kids of All Ages!
9:30-3 Kid Friendly Lunch Included!

Best Holiday Camp Ever!
Fun and Fabulousness Guaranteed!

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Join Cyndie+Zoe for Shop til you Drop in Japan. Customized private tours, shopping days and manga lessons in the land of the rising sun from†December 18-January 5th or March 24-April 2nd. Phone for more information! 917-318-9499.

March 24 - April 2, 2018


Terms and Prices for Japan Holiday Camps on request

Make your break an Art Break!

The Happiest Holiday Art Camps Ever!

What's the most
constructive, stimulating (not to mention festive) way to keep your children active and engaged on their odd days off from school?

adventure-filled days designed to knock the socks off any art-loving child, Holiday Camp is an intensive arts exploration full of thinking, making, seeing and doing.

Great Field Trips Tons of Hands-on Art Guest Artists Talented New Friends The Most Creative Environment in Town! Stretch your Vision Stretch your Skills

A typical day at Hi Art's Holiday Camp is
art, art and more art.

Art your child makes.
Art your child learns about.
art your child sees.

Holiday Camp meets from 9:30am-3:00pm for kids 5-14 (littler kids can join us for the half day -- see below!).

Register Now for the most arty fun under the sun! Call 917-318-9499 for further information and to reserve your child's place.

1/2 and Full Day Options Available.
All Camps meet:
9:30am - 3:00pm for big kids 5-14
9:30am-12pm for littler kids + adult

Tuition is $195
/day for a full day and, for the littler kids, $95 for a half-day.


Enrollment Terms

• An adult must accompany children under kindergarten age at all times.

• Classes meet as specified. Tuition is $195/day for a full day and $95 for a half-day and is non-refundable unless the class to which you have applied is already full.

• No make-up classes are available.

• Registration is will be considered complete upon the receipt of full tuition; payment of tuition signifies an acceptance of ALL terms and conditions listed on our website and printed materials. Checks should be made payable to Hi Art! No child will be admitted to class prior to receipt of full tuition.

• The signator agrees and undertakes to insure that neither the child being enrolled nor any adult accompanying the child during Hi Art! activities will in any way endanger, or threaten to endanger, the safety or well being of any person in or associated with the program. If in the sole judgment of Hi Art! personnel, any such child or adult does so endanger or threaten to endanger other persons, Hi Art! reserves the right to discontinue the child's enrollment without consultation or other process, and without refund of any tuition or fee.

• Children and/or their work may be photographed during the course of activities and these photographs may appear in Hi Art! promotional materials. No child whose photograph is used will be identified by name, nor will any compensation be extended for such use.


Holiday Paradise

Holiday Paradise

Holiday Paradise
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