What do parents say about HiArt!?

"We really loved your class!! I believe my daughter learned so much. It truly is like no other art class we have ever taken.  Thanks so much!"

-Tara Potter

I think the last year that Z did HiArt was your first year of TimeIn and I was very struck, then, observing that many of the kids had never had any exposure to things I'd taken for granted: having *ever* been to a museum, for instance, or having *ever* heard opera even as background music . . . it was very thought-provoking, the difference between *some* casual exposure and zero exposure. I also was always struck by the high quality materials you required for HiArt, and how using real stuff communicated to the children that their work was real. In my middle school growing up, I was in the special invitation-only studio-art class, but we had to use newsprint and crayons because the "real" supplies were so expensive and "not for kids." It totally sent the wrong message. I have repeatedly told people that HiArt was, for our family, an example of the kind of thing that makes you remember why you live in NY. BTW, Z's hand skills, at age 12, are finally catching up with his eye, and in his elementary school graduation ceremony where each kid had to stand up and define themselves and state their goals for the future, among the future MBA stars, supreme court justices and curers of cancer, he declared himself an artist. You were very important to him all those years ago in developing his sense of self.

Meredith Fein Lichtenberg

Hi Cyndie, I just wanted to take the time to write to you and your staff and say how impressed I was with you as people first and foremost. You were all very welcoming and extremely helpful with the event. I must admit that when I first spoke with you, you said birthdays were not your primary focus and so I was a bit nervous. I completely understand that for you Cyndie it is all about the art but boy did you and your staff have me fooled as far as birthdays not being your forte. Really, you ladies were like a well oiled machine with the set up of food and helping us gather our "stuff" at the end. Trust me when I say this that you did it better than some of the other venues and establishments that are known just for parties and celebrations. I really commend you and your staff!

Thank you for making the event successful and fun and more importantly truly about the kids and their works of art! We all enjoyed it from young to old. My parents were the first to comment on the space and they loved the candy art sculpture idea. My mom who is a kid at heart wanted to join the kids in the fun. Between my husband and me, I am the "artsy" one but even he loved your studio and the project that I selected for the children. I got a lot of inquiries on how I discovered you. I told them I was looking for a unique art and creative experience for Siya since that is her thing and when I searched on the internet, I came across your studio via the New York Family website and I was sold.

You also went above and beyond as far as customer service. When I asked if I could get extra materials for family that was not able to attend you obliged wholeheartedly without questions asked. Thank you for doing that!!! You definitely put a smile on some little faces! Last but not least, thank you for proactively refunding my overpayment. Again what great customer service! It was truly a pleasure to have discovered you. My daughter wants to come back to the studio "again and again" and to work with the "ladies who helped her with her sculpture (her words)." I hope I am able to bring both girls back to your studio for some classes. It would surely be a sweet treat for all of us.

Thank you and best,


"I just wanted to thank you and Zoe for seeing Ian on Thursday! What a wonderful experience it was for him. He learned so much and enjoyed it immensely! I am so impressed with Zoe and her artistic talent. What a wonderful and exciting future she has ahead of her. She was so nice to Ian..and Ian loved conversing with her about Manga and Anime. He drew all the way home and adapted the suggestions from Zoe to his drawings. They are already improving.

After his session with Zoe...Ian and I went to the anime store and Bookoff. He bought many
Mangas in Japanese. We will have to continue his Japanese lessons now so that he will be able to read all of them! Thank you for all of the suggestions!"

S. Kelley, mother of Ian, 14

"Lila draws all the time. It's her favorite thing to do. Yesterday she made this (attached) and said "I wish there was HiArt in Brooklyn!" We've done other art classes and well, they don't hold a candle to HiArt. Lila says you are the best art teacher she's ever met. I tend to agree!"


"My daughter attended Hollingworth Preschool last year and was fortunate enough to have classes with you. They were the highlight of her whole year, and she has told me among other things that she "almost wept when you left." You made a very lasting impression on her, and her wonderful artwork is still adorning our walls. She is currently attending Hunter Elementary School. While we were discussing her experiences with you, I mentioned that there was a possibility that she could continue working with you at your studio. I think her face would have defined "ecstatic" at that point. We are planning on watching the Cunning Little Vixen this weekend. Thanks for the link. And....thanks for being such a great influence on my kid."


Culture Bugs

"I know Jonathan already thanked you for the fabulous DVD. I also want to say how great it was to receive it. It was such a truly creative process. We all loved the unicorn music so much that we tracked it down and ordered the CD and now we dance to it every night! Jasper particularly loves Clark's exploding tank. Again, thank you for providing such an inspiring, creative summer camp."

-Carla, mother of Stella and Jasper"

"As the summer Hi Art camp comes to a close, I just wanted to thank you for an amazing experience. Alexia is thriving under your artistic tutelage. I feel really blessed to be able to give her this opportunity. She is inspired, stimulated and nurtured at Hi Art. She has such a good time; she really forgets she is in a classroom. Her imagination reaches new heights. As a parent, it is a dream come true. I know you picked the right occupation. You are so inspiring. "

"The kids LOVE your class so much. It has changed the way they both view and make art tremendously. I feel so lucky to have found your class and that they have gotten so much out of it! I know it is an experience they will carry with them throughout their lives. Even just the confidence they now have to view and create art with abandon!"


"Dear Cyndie, Thank you! Abbey is out of her mind with excitment from today at Hiart. She has told me everything in vivid detail and had a great day. We really appreciate having the opportunity for her to be with you. Many thanks for all — hope you’re well!! Regards, Beth"

"Thank you so much for the wonderful experienceof Culture Bugs. You really have created a very special program. Olivia had a very enriching camp and she loved it so much. She’s been manga-ing up a storm since it ended and telling everyone about A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I’m so glad after so many years of wanting her to experience Hiart that she finally did it. You will be seeing William in a few years. I will definitely keep in touch with you regarding your programs. Thank you for everything!" -Laura Aswad

"Cyndie - I love your class! we are having so much fun - and I have to admit, it's the first time I've ever watched a ballet on DVD. Ian (my 2 year old) was so excited - and sat through the entire thing this wkend. amazing!! I am thrilled to have found you and your program is terrific. The galleries in Chelsea, the Brooklyn Art Museum - I haven't been to these places in eons - and to share it with my son and your wonderful approach to it all... thank you thank you thank you. :)" -Josie

HiArt Programs

"We all LOVED Sleeping Beauty. Ian was transfixed - and particularly loved the Carabosse as SpiderMan and her four scary assistants. It is just so spectacular to see a performance live, at the Met. The grandeur of the costumes, sets, the orchestra, the setting, the overall experience - just priceless. The kids are so well prepped and excited - truly a delightful thing all around.

We did stay for the last of the curtain calls too - I couldn't believe that my 3 yr old son held out for 3 hours (to be honest, he started to lose it in the last 10 minutes - it was a loooong time for a little person) but then he was happy to stand and cheer and clap until the bitter end!

And yesterday, since it was our first Thursday post-HiArt for this semester, we took out the book, admired every page and all the stuff he did and glued our tickets, program and some other stuff in the book... and he drew Carabosse. Very cute. He does love it so. He has watched the DVD to highlight all the differences. Amazing to me.

Thank you again for another wonderful semester. it is truly a magical experience and we appreciate all that you do to make it happen." -Josie

“Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful morning yesterday! I have never seen Ryan be so focused and interested in a new setting with new people for so long as he was yesterday. We had a great time and i think you have created wonderful and unique
program. I loved your enthusiam and way with the children. I know Ryan and I will both look forward to the next 9 weeks!”– Mahsa and Ryan Pelosky

"FYI - You are so right about how kids absorb things even when we aren't aware of it. Earlier today Zach told me he wanted to see Paramount at the gallery.  After a while I realized he was talking about the black and white logos projected on the floor at the Whitney.  It totally sinks in!” –Ronni Miller

“Thanks to you for being a super fab teacher and chemist! We had the best time, hope we have many more events. Naila is absolutely in love with HiArt!- Carol Stringari

It's not even over yet, and I can't believe how much of a success this has been. I just got a call from Cassin and Ibi at the Metropolitan Opera and they told me how much fun they are having – the ballet isn't over yet, but Cassin is still enthusiastic. Who'd have thought? Thanks for your great program! – Ceci Scotti

“I just wanted to thank you and your very capable staff for putting on a really fun and successful party for Luke yesterday. The space was bright, welcoming and intriguing, the staff was attentive and helpful and the
project drew in every child. Certain kids who I thought might be skeptical of the whole enterprise surprised me by getting right down to work and being absolutely engrossed in what they were doing. They made everything from Times Square to a tsunami (!) in candy. And the parents, most of whom stuck around, thought it was pretty cool, too.”
-Luke's Mom

“People always wonder how can you raise a child in NYC. On the list of many reasons, right next to Central Park is Hi Art! Hi Art! gives interested families a way to explore art, music, creativity, resourcefulness and friendship at their own pace, in their own way. This has been an easy and brilliant entre for us as a family to take advantage of all that NYC offers.” — MaryEllen McCooey

“Yesterday's open house was just so fabulous - another testament to how special your classes and YOU are.” – HY

“Tamar and I LOVE your class.  You have created a place where she can soar--how amazing is that!” - Avra

“Dear Cyndie: Both Anne and I had a wonderful time with HiArt!. Anne loves you and the camp so much. Before the last class, she told me she is so sad. We really appreciate the way you teach and all your efforts. We hope in the future we can meet you again.” –Mingyuan

“You can teach kids lot of things, but how to think creatively requires something special. It has to be revealed.  Mentored.   Nurtured. That's why when I discovered Cyndie Berthezene's HiArt!, I was thrilled.

“Every session with Cyndie is an invitation to see what you can see, and see what you can do.  With Cyndie, esoteric removes like museums and art galleries become accessible, easy fits in your child's universe.”

“Cyndie's relationship to the arts is personal, passionate, joyful and contagious. She lives the creative process.  Her excitement brings the art 'off the walls' and 'onto the floors' where, with sketch pads and colors and cameras, kids get to test drive an artist's point of view, and, of course, create their own.  The connection is seamless. The message is clear:  You can do it too!” –IZ Feldman

“HiArt is absolutely wonderful. I knew it was working wonders when my son's teacher informed me during our parent/teacher conference that he had developed a sudden interest in art activities.  I knew immediately that it was due to Cyndie and her fabulous program.  She is fun, energetic, intelligent, and loves what she does. The best time I spend with my child all week long!  The museums are informative and interesting for both him and I.  He enjoys going and has flourished tremendously with regards to social skills and goup participation.  All children are different and Cyndie embraces this uniqueness in children especially the ones who may not show an interest at first. She encourages them and does everything short of standing on her head to make everyone feel welcome. (Wait! I think she did stand on her head one time! ah hah aha !) She is great!!!!!!!!!!” –Seth's Mom

“My daughters and I look forward to our Hi Art! class each week more than any other class we have taken.  The director, Cyndie, is engaged, creative, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.  The activities that she encourages outside of class have enabled us to tap into interests that our daughters have that might have taken us much longer to learn on our own.  [For example, we made fairy wings together at home, and now the girls put their wings on and fly around the house to fairy music each day!] Also, the mixture of experiencing a diversity of art in the museum/gallery environment with other kids, and spending uninhibited, joyful time in the studio actually creating original art, strikes a potent balance encouraging our children's love of art and desire to create.” – The Ladies Borthwick

“My son has attended HiArt for two years. HiArt – under Cyndie's directorship – helped him pull away from his self-consciousness about not creating the same art as his peers (you know: sky blue; grass green; smiling faces with two eyes), to relishing his own sculptural and multi-media creations that can be representational or not...depending upon his personal moment of creativity. He contemporaneously finds Pokemon and Anselm Kiefer to be ‘cool’.” – Matthew's Mom

Hi Art has been a great experience for my daughter and me. We have learned to work with watercolors, acrylics, canvas, make books, make sculptures, make dolls etc. etc. Let us not forget the faboulous operas, artists, art exhibits and art history that you have opened our eyes and creative minds to. Your class is truly a joy. I can't remember the last time my daughter and I had such a fun time learning. I am truly grateful...forever.” — Sharmaine Beecham

Fantastic! The problem with most classes in any of the arts for young children is that adults seem to feel that the art in question has to be simplified. Usually this ends up as either some sort of watered down play-art that has little significant artistic meaning for the child or a very adult directed project in which the child has little control over artistic decisions. Hi Art! delves into the meaning of real works of art by discussing elements that the children can perceive in a fun and enthusiastic way. Congratulations — my daughter wants to know why she can't come every day.” — Janet Fryer

Hi Art! teaches children (and their parents) to be participants in the creative world of artists — They're not just looking up or in at something like a voyeur — they're making it themselves.” — Matthew Greenbaum

“This class is a gas, both for kids and their parents. Even the very young (our son is barely two) seem to enjoy it completely. Cyndie is extremely talented, wonderful with kids, and open and accessible to parents. The studio time absolutely flies, and the museum tours are terrific — what a perfect way to introduce kids to some of the best art NYC has to offer.” — Sanford’s Mom

“Matthew and I are having a marvelous time in Hi Art!. He looks forward to it and makes plans for the ongoing project. He tells his friends, classmates, relatives, and teachers about you and Melissa, his project, and, just now, the Biennial. The structure and support provided by your class to allow the child to enjoy the process of thinking about creating a project over a long period of time, while allowing his/her mind to go in other directions while returning to the central project, has been wonderful for him. Also, the lack of pressure to create within certain rules has helped him tremendously. This is the first time in months and months that he has voluntarily taken out his art supplies to create. It's very moving for me to see this part of his life come back to him.” — Beth Propper

“I must tell you that we saw the Music Academy of the West do L'Enfant et les Sortileges and Sarina went wild with enthusiasm, proclaiming upon it's conclusion that she ´had’ to see it again the following night and also that she wanted the videotape! So, this note is meant to finally thank you for the incredible class you put together that keeps on giving long after the class ended. Sarina absorbed so much more than I was able to ‘see’ at the time. Your name comes up often and with fondness.” — Liat Wasserman

“I always think of you, by the way. You have profoundly influenced our lives.” — Jennifer Freeman

“My 5 year-old son and I have just signed-up for our fourth term of HiArt! We thoroughly enjoy both the studio time and the museum visits and ‘Gallery Hops’ Cyndie carefully selects exhibits that really "grab" the children. My son may be inspired to draw something akin to the work we're seeing or he may choose to ‘do his own thing.’ The beauty of it is: he's enjoying the art and there's never any pressure. My son and I both become intensely involved in our studio project each term — searching through Cyndie’s huge array of creative materials as well as through magazines at home to find items that that will help us portray our vision of the opera or other work we are studying. Cyndie has an amazing understanding of young children and of what will pique their interest and enthusiasm. My son adores Cyndie and keeps wanting to sign-up for her classes. That says it all to me.” — Heidi Young

“There is one very important piece to mention. Ms. Berthézène never talks down to her students. She never condescends. This is also her gift. Hi Art! indeed.” — Jack Shimmelman

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