HiArt! has a brilliant baby named TIME IN . . .

…and she needs your help.

Meet our baby: The Time In Children's Arts Initiative. She’s a fabulous, energetic outreach program that has been doing incredible things for the youngest, most at-risk school-kids from Harlem and South Bronx public schools since 2006.

The idea for Time In is to make sure that kids who never have really substantive opportunities for thoughtful enrichment can get the same quality of mind-expanding programming as any kid who comes to HiArt!

One morning a week for the whole school year as part of the kids' regular school day, Time In kids go out into the real world - either at the studio for Opera 'N Art or out hopping away to galleries and museums! We start in Pre-K and continue with the same kids for as many years as we can so that, with funding in place, every kid in a partner school who starts Time In in Pre-K can continue all the way through 5th grade! The arts take pride of place and every kid in the grade level participates.

So whether it's listening to Massenet's Cendrillon and making art at our studio or sketching at museums and galleries, everything is done exactly the same way as the kids at HiArt! have been doing for years!

Time In is about opening doors for kids in underserved schools and letting them know that the whole incredible world out there also belongs to them. That there is a way – through the arts – in which imagination and reality can work together – for them! Before you know it, we will have created a whole a new generation of wonderful thinkers, arts lovers and young artists, each of whom will be poised to enrich the world around them with their unique insights and talents.

You know how it is with babies – those first weeks, months and years are the crucial moments for the development of a child’s brain. So it is with Time In as well. Every year, we grow and grow. Starting with just 40 kids from the Family Academy in Harlem in 2006, today we serve 19 classes of kids from 3 different partner schools in high-risk communities.

Time In: Changing the World One Child at a Time
All we need now is your support! Together we can do it!

Can you help us spread the word?

Help spread the word—and the ART! Every dollar you contribute will make Time In not only a life-changer for some super appreciative kids who could never do this without you, but will move us closer to making this kind of really stimulating education part of what every child in America can expect. Time In: Changing the world one child at a time! Go to www.timeinkids.org to find out more!





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The Huffington Post says: "In [HiArt's] 15 years of running the program has become one of the most talked-about in New York." Read what else they have to say about us!

Watch our fabulous Time In Video featuring the amazing kids of PS 241! Play controls will appear when the movie has fully loaded; please be patient... it's worth it!

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